Message from the Director

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Dear Families,

We hope that you were able to spend some time “Sharpening the Saw” and catching up on any missing work last week. Staff spent the week together reviewing Advisory ideas, learning new strategies from our Student Support Symposium, digging deep into Outdoor Classroom and Play-based learning while refining our assessments and Empower Generations Playbook. This week, we are celebrating our first annual Fall Festival on Thursday from 5-7 p.m.! Please bring your family and friends to check out all the fun booths! We are eager to see you all back this week!

With Gratitude,
Malaka Donovan



US History: We Didn’t Start the Fire

This week learners are working on finishing their final projects. World history learners are working on finding events from different countries that they can research and present. US history learners are finding events in US history that match up with Read more…


Art at Home

Over the last few weeks, Ms. Tanya has challenged learners to create art at home using everyday objects laying around the house. Luis Campos created a simple yet unexpected image of a banana. Bella Alvarado has been playing with crackers Read more…


Senior Spotlight: Mack Johnson

This week our senior spotlight is on Mack Johnson!    Q&A with Mack: What are you looking forward to after graduation? I’m looking forward to getting to work.  What’s your current goal? My plans are to go to community college Read more…