Monday message 05.31.2021

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Upcoming Events

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Wed., 6/19: Juneteenth – Office Closed

Thur., 7/4: Independence Day – Office Closed

Tues., 8/13: First Day of 2024-25 School Year

Mon., 9/2: Labor Day

Click here for the school year calendar.

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Ms. Jenna’s Workshop: Show What You Know!

Ms. Jenna’s Budgeting POLs are this week! Please be sure to attend your Zoom workshop so that you can showcase your knowledge! Remember: your learning goals for this workshop are Read more…

Empower Generations learner laptop

Ms. Susan’s Workshop: Presentation of Learning!

Ms. Susan’s learners have come to the end of Workshop 3. This week, they’ll present what they learned about relationships and the body, and/or the baby projects. We’re looking forward Read more…

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