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Ms. Kim – Guide

Happy Monday learners & families! With the end of the semester quickly approaching, I wanted to take this opportunity to talk about the importance of continuing to work on developing your time management skills.

Remember that it is important you use your time wisely during the school day in order to complete and turn in assignments. I understand that some of our learners may get overwhelmed, especially if you are focusing on all of your classes at once.

Below are a few tips I have for better time management:

  • Follow the schedule: The schedule is designed on purpose to give you allocated time for each class
  • Create a checklist: There is something about checking off things on a list that gives you a sense of accomplishment!
  • Set a timer: if you get easily sidetracked, set a timer for yourself. This will help keep you focused on your intended task.
  • Put your phone away: out of sight, out of mind!

Ms. Marian – Guide

We are preparing for state testing. I have seen some amazing effort from our learners this week with the challenging math questions. I believe in you. I hope that you are finding confidence in yourself as you find that you are capable of doing the work.

Here are some testing strategies:

  • Know the test format
  • Create a study schedule
  • Utilize materials from the Guides and Care Team
  • Eat breakfast
  • Chew gum/ or suck on a mint
  • Get a good night’s sleep
  • Manage your time
  • Answer the questions you know first
  • Go back to the tough questions

Bob – Education Specialist

Creative writing can be a rewarding experience. You must first come up with a story idea and a conflict (a problem or task to be solved). Then, characters and settings can be decided upon. Your next step is the creative one. Start writing ideas and scenes as they come to mind following your initial story idea. Don’t worry about accuracy, grammar, syntax and story progression. Just throw down your ideas as they come to mind. This is the creative process. After you are done, go back and rewrite, and rewrite, and rewrite. Be critical! Fix ideas! Add new ideas! Then your story will come alive. GOOD WRITING IS REWRITING!

Brian – School Counselor

This time of year is very important for all learners to know where they are with regards to grades, credits, and what is needed for high school graduation. I have completed the 11th grade Academic Review Credit check for all 11th graders. I am now working on the Academic Review Credit check for all 10th and 9th graders. Once it is completed, I will begin to meet with all of our learners to ensure that they know where they are when it comes to high school credits and graduation.

I will complete our 12 graders last, since we have already met with the 12th graders who are on schedule to graduate. I have been meeting with the 12 graders who are not on schedule to graduate high school all semester, and sent a letter to parents/guardians informing them of the students current high school credit status. Therefore, I will be meeting with all 12 graders who are not graduating to establish a graduation plan that clearly explains what is expected of them to complete high school.

Mr. Sean – Care Team

May is AAPI Heritage Month. Join me in celebrating and including our AAPI friends here is a fun fact to acknowledge this amazing group.

Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month takes place in May to mark the arrival of the first Japanese immigrant to the United States. The earliest known Asian immigrants arrived in what’s now the United States in 1587. They sailed from the Philippines (then the Spanish East Indies) to California’s coast. Later, Filipino sailors settled just outside New Orleans, Louisiana, in the 18th century, creating what’s believed to be the oldest Asian American settlement in the U.S. But immigration from Asia to the U.S. didn’t really pick up steam until the 1800s.

Ms. Rosie – Office Manager

Hello Families and Learners!

Here are some updates!

  • Re-Registration will be going out on June 1st
  • We are still printing school IDs after lunch. Please be prepared to smile, take your picture and get your school ID. If you need to make any other arrangements, please reach out to me.
  • Prom will be May 27 from 6:00 p.m.- 10:00 p.m.; tickets will go on sale soon!
  • Graduation is June 9th for our graduating seniors!
  • No School Monday, May 30th, in observance of Memorial Day.

Please reach out to me if you have any questions. My email address is roselia.calderon@empowergenerations.org

Ms. Jeanette – Guide Support/Care Team

Welcome to Week 3! During the first two weeks of the Passion Project, we learned what passion means as well as different ways that people share facts (expository writing). From this point forward, learners will have the chance to start learning about THEIR passions. Throughout the remaining weeks learners will work to research their passion, develop a skill, and create an expository piece to tell us what they learned. This will require a large amount of personal discipline and dedication. Please make sure to use your day wisely and reach out if you need support!

Ms. Dani – Care Team

Learners, are you having a hard time with picking a “passion” for your passion project? Or even understanding what a passion really is? Well, check out this helpful website: https://www.tckpublishing.com/start-your-passion-project-now/

Mr. Rob – Care Team

This upcoming week we will start preparing for CAASPP testing by administering practice test for learners during advisory time. Guides and learners will get a change to prepare for the test by doing a trial run to simulate how things will look. This preparation is to ensure things will run smoothly for our 11th and 12th graders that will test. Testing will start May 23rd. If you have any questions please contact Mr. Rob via email at Robert.sterling@ileadinnovationstudios.org.



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