Messages from the EG Staff

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Ms. Kim – Guide

Hello families and learners!

With the new schedule change it is easy for our kids to feel stressed, overwhelmed, and anxious. During times like these, it is important that we pay extra attention to our mental health and adhere to our social and emotional needs. Let this serve as a reminder that all of our staff at Empower are here for whatever our learners may need and we will strive to do whatever we can to make this temporary reality feel somewhat normal.

It is also important to find healthy ways to cope with these emotions on your own. Here are some helpful tips for a healthy mind:

  • Journal (write all of your thoughts/emotions down)
  • Get active (take a walk, pick up a sport, etc.)
  • Self-care nights (think movie night/game night)
  • Keep your mind busy (focus on your goals/pick up a new hobby!)
  • Talk to a friend (you can always count on us here at EG! 🙂

What are some ways you deal with stressful situations?

Bob – Education Specialist

I have found that great tools for boosting reading comprehension are graphic novels. Along with gorgeous action drawings, there is also sophisticated written prose and dialogue. We now have many comic book stores that offer many different titles such as classic novels, new fiction, and even Shakespeare. Many of the original titles include science fiction, comedy, and adventure. Give them a try!

Brian – School Counselor

As Empower Generations’ school counselor, I will be meeting with all juniors and seniors this week to review their high school credits, graduation plans, and requirements.

We invite your high school learners to join our free virtual college fair for the West Region of The United States this week, Jan. 24th-29th. Learners can register now through the end of next week! The learners can log in any time during the week and get information from many colleges. There is a question and answer section for learners to get answers directly from college reps during the week. Learners must go to www.collegefairsonline.com to the “students” tab to register ASAP. This service is completely free. Please have learners register as soon as possible if they would like to participate. This is a great virtual resource. Please let me know if you have any questions or need anything. Every learner who registers is entered to win a $300 scholarship.

Ms. Rosiey – Office Manager

Happy New Year and welcome back! My name is Roselia Calderon; you might know me as Ms. Rosiey. I am so excited to be part of the Empower Generations team as your Office Manager. I started in October and I am over the moon with how welcoming everyone has been.

Please let me know how I can support our learners. I am here to support, help, and be part of the learners’ high school experience. Please feel free to reach out to me if you ever have questions, concerns, or suggestions.

My email address is Roselia.Calderon@Empowergenerations.org

Sean – Substitute Guide

Parents and Learners,

I am so incredibly proud of the participation in Acute Design so far! Nearly all learners have submitted all assignments thus far. As a gentle reminder, I will continue to reach out to both learners and parents on assignment due dates if work has not been submitted. Please note, this is to help encourage more parent/guide communication and to help learners complete work in a timely fashion.

Tanya – Guide

Learners are brainstorming and goal setting for their 21 day English Language Arts challenge. Learners are excited to challenge themselves to complete daily tasks to strengthen weaknesses in ELA and sharpen already existing skills. Some learners will be reading novels, reading an informational text article each day, writing lyrics, and some will be writing daily journal entries. The challenge has been accepted! They now have 21 days to complete a dream, project, or goal!

Rob – Care Team

My name is Mr Rob and while on campus this week with the learners we were able to accomplish getting 50 percent of our learners completed with MAP testing. It’s not exactly where we want to be, but it’s progress. For the remainder of the week from 12-3 p.m. I will be doing make-up testing with our learners. We have emailed learners my Zoom link and the MAP testing info. We hope to increase our overall MAP completion percentage by the end of the week with the help of the learners and parents.

Each day while on campus, I will be setting aside 30 minutes for activities that will engage our learners in physical fitness. I highly recommend those who have P.E to come on their in-person days to take advantage of physical education mins with Mr Rob.

Jeanette – Guide Support/Care Team

Learners – congratulations on completing your first week of “Acute Design!” This project incorporates math, art, and literary analysis as we create our own designs for a theater set. Now that week 1 is over, the following items should all be complete

Shakespearean Sharecase Coming Soon! “All the world’s a stage….” and our learners are the players! Please join EG/IS and Theatricum Botanicum as we share the hard work of performing arts group.

Antwan – Substitute Guide

A new week. A new opportunity to improve from last week. I hope you are starting to find your groove with your schedule. Have you found what you like the best about it? What area do you think that you will need more help with? We are here to help. This is the start to another great week. Let’s make it great!

Troy – Care Team

HEY! Try out this puzzle! I really enjoyed trying to solve it. Let me know if you find the solution.



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Messages from the EG Staff

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THIS WEEK: iPerform Premiere

This Wednesday, May 25, check out the 2022 iPERFORM premiere, with original works by our learners. Click here to join the Zoom.