Ms. Jenna’s Workshop: Show What You Know!

Empower Generations learners books laptops

Ms. Jenna’s Budgeting POLs are this week! Please be sure to attend your Zoom workshop so that you can showcase your knowledge! Remember: your learning goals for this workshop are as follows:

  • I can calculate percent of a number and convert back and forth between decimals, percentages, and fractions (all).
  • I can create and solve expressions based on real-world situations using order of Operations (all).
  • I can write a correctly structured Thesis Statement (Cohort A).
  • I can analyze the effects of imperialism (Cohort B).
  • I can compare the ideals of the United States to its actions (Cohort C).
  • I can make interpret exchange data to make sound decisions (Cohort D).

If you cannot meet your three learning goals, this means you need to review and continue learning! Please schedule an appointment with Ms. Jeanette to edit and revise your work until you have a full understanding of your cohort’s goals.

Revisions and edits will be accepted through June 4 for graduating seniors and through June 18 for all other learners. Seniors must be done by June 4 to make their graduation check.

If you have questions, please email jeanette.chadwick@empowergenerations.org.


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