Perseverance! Design Challenge 3


Perseverance, or grit, is the character trait that allows us to keep going. It is our determination and drive. Perseverance helps us be successful because it prevents us from giving up and gives us opportunities to practice our growth mind-set. Perseverance is, coincidentally, also the name of the newest Mars Rover! Rovers are a car-like spacecraft that NASA uses to explore the surfaces of other worlds. So far, rovers have gone to both Mars and the Moon. With NASA hoping to land astronauts on the Moon again in 2024, rovers could be useful in moving supplies and exploring!

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Send your blueprints, videos, and successes to Ms. Jeanette at jeanette.chadwick@empowergenerations.org.


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Ms. Susan’s Corner: We Are Starting Our Relationship Workshop!

It’s finally here! Ms. Susan’s learners are doing a Relationship Workshop with a fun mini-project: Build-A-Baby! This week they will find out whether they’re having twins or just one baby, and they’ll learn their babies’ sex. After they find out Read more…

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Join Us for a Virtual Intro to Empower Generations!

Register today for an upcoming virtual tour: Zoom link to follow after registration here. Do you know someone who would love Empower Generations? Please help us spread the word by sharing this invitation with a friend!

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Mark Your Calendar for the Next Empower Generations Family Meeting!

Agenda: Meraki Mind Current & future project cycles Learner presentations Returning to campus Q&A Please join us: Thursday, May 6, at 5:00 PM We’ll send the Zoom info the day of the meeting! We look forward to seeing you!