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​​Congratulations on completing the first week of Workshop Cycle #2! By now, you should have an introduction to your newest projects and have started building some base content knowledge. Mr. Sean’s project in this cycle connects to interdisciplinary sciences. This means that they explore science through multiple lenses such as biology, anatomy, chemistry and physics. These combination projects allow you to see the ways that the natural world works together and how science explains the phenomena around us. Check out the project summaries below for a refresher on what we are covering:

Urban Ecosystems:

In this project, learners will be using their engineering and design skills to answer the driving question of “How can I reduce pollution to help my ecosystem thrive?” They will be determining what makes a healthy ecosystem as well as how pollution affects life on multiple levels. Then, they will put their knowledge into action to design a solution for their own neighborhoods. Way to take action! This project will be building competency in the area of “Leading through Influential Work.”

Who Are You:

Learners enrolled in this project will dive deep into discovering who they are as they answer the driving question, “How can I maintain homeostasis in my life?” As they explore anatomical concepts and the intersection of life and physical sciences, learners will build a resiliency tool kit to connect the body to their sense of self and social-emotional well-being. This project will be building competency in the area of “Intra and Interpersonal Understanding.”


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