US History: We Didn’t Start the Fire


This week learners are working on finishing their final projects. World history learners are working on finding events from different countries that they can research and present. US history learners are finding events in US history that match up with ethical/moral theories. But all learners also have the option of choosing to review lyrics from “We Didn’t Start the Fire,” then research parts of the songs to find out how they affected the world and, finally, create their own verse to the song, including events in their lifetime that would have added to the “fire” in the world. Learners are very engaged in the projects and getting immersed in their research. This is a very exciting time.



Upcoming Events

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Virtual Exploration Challenge

As we transitioned to distance learning, Ms. Tanya’s ELA workshops were challenged to go on several virtual exploration field trips. The Google Arts & Culture Explore Page is filled with videos, virtual field trips, artwork, 360° videos, online exhibits, landmarks, Read more…