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The Power of Stories 

Learners have now finished their second story of the project! As we enter the 4th week, learners will begin to draft their final story: A Story on Failure. This will be an opportunity for learners to reflect back on their past experiences with failure and share how they overcame that through the power of storytelling. By this time learners should start to get an idea of which story they will focus on in order to create their final social media/visual project.

Contact Information:kimberly.martinez-melchor@empowergenerations.org 

Clothing for a Cause

Welcome to Week 4 of the first project cycle! At this point, learners are officially half way through their projects! Our Clothing for a Cause project focuses on using data to justify decisions as we attempt to raise support for local charities. So far learners should have:

  • Become familiar with percentages, chosen a charity to support and contacted said charity (Week 1)
  • Explored measures of center through mean, median, mode, and range, determined a percentage of profits to donate, and began creating possible apparel designs (Week 2)
  • Conducted surveys to gather data on the design choices and pricing, analyzed distribution via standard deviation, and explored the usage of graphs to display data (Week 3)

Upcoming activities include digitizing our designs, making predictions via equations and systems of equations, and planning our TeeSpring stores. TeeSpring is the website we will be using to create our apparel designs. They partner with PayPal regarding payouts, due to this please speak to your learner about whether or not you want to help them via your own PayPal or would like them to create an imaginary storefront instead. 

Thank you!

Contact Information: sean.rafferty@empowergenerations.org and jeanette.chadwick@empowergenerations.org 

Creating Characters

Last week, learners worked on developing their video game characters.  Learners focused on bringing their characters to life by describing their physical features, their strengths, their weaknesses, their inner characteristics, and personality traits.  We reviewed game summaries and began exploring the concept of conflict.  Learners also played with character creator apps and programs to bring the characters they designed to life.  In Week 4, learners will start putting the whole narrative together!  They will focus on the conflict and the overall plot.  Many learners have put a great deal of thought into creating incredible video game storylines that surely could be put into production!  I look forward to seeing their stories continue to deepen and develop!

CTE Entrepreneurship

Next week we will be focusing on How to find your Passion and the start of your Passion/Research Project. We will be researching different Entrepreneurs and understand the passion they have that ultimately became the foundation of their entrepreneur

Contact Information: Any questions danielle.padilla@empowergenerations.org



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