Passive Fundraisers

We are excited for the school year and all the free opportunities to raise funds for Empower Generations. If you’re already supporting Empower Generations, please note that some of these companies require annual renewal. So please verify that you are still set up to support our school. Thank you for your time and participation!


Clip Box Top coupons from hundreds of participating products found in your local grocery stores and send them to school with your learner. Empower Generations earns 10 cents for each Box Top redeemed. For every 20,000 Box Tops that Empower Generations collects this year, we will receive $2,000 cash back! Learners and Supporters can drop off Box Tops at the Box Tops collection spot at the Empower Generations campus.


Through this program, we can raise up to $12,000 for our school this year! It’s an easy way to raise much-needed funds by sending Tyson Project A+ labels from products you probably already buy.

Here’s how it works:

Just clip and collect Tyson Project A+ labels from participating Tyson® product packages and send them to school with your Learner. We will collect the labels and send them to Tyson Foods, and Tyson Foods will send our school a check. Each label is worth 24¢! We hope you’ll join us in collecting Tyson Project A+ labels this year and spread the word to your friends and family. It’s such an easy way to raise much-needed funds for our school!