Check out our first set of workshops this semester!

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Ms. Jeanette

In Ms. Jeanette’s workshop, through a variety of integrated math and science lenses, learners are exploring the idea of where they come from. These lenses include DNA and heredity, chemical bonding and the origin of the universe, the advancement of simple machinery, and architecture through the ages.

Ms. Tanya

Driving Question:  How can I connect to where I came from and create personal connections using my family history?

Our first project this semester is the Ancestry Project. Throughout this project cycle,  learners will be making direct connections between themselves and the history around them by tracking their family’s history through time and space. They will be learning more about their family backgrounds and ancestry so that they might better relate to the wide variety of backgrounds, nationalities, and experiences that are represented in literature and informational texts. 

Learners are working toward mastering the competencies of social history through interviews and informative text application by creating a digital family tree, conducting in-depth interviews with two generations of family members, and researching primary-source documents using online databases. Once the clues about their families’ roots are unveiled, learners will connect a family’s member’s life to events in history and describe how those events relate to that family member’s existence. 

Mr. Rob

Learners are creating personalized projects that merge their passions and a relevant issue that the world is currently facing. Here are some of the learners’ individual driving questions:


  • How can we create a National Football League that represents diversity in our country?
  • How can we design future ships/vessels that minimize oil spills in the ocean?
  • How can I create computer games that will appeal to kids in the future?
  • In today’s world, how can I bring awareness that animals are suffering at the hands of people?
  • How can I make homeless women feel safe and clean within themselves?


Ms. Jenna

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Picture Day

Picture Day Is Thursday, October 8!

Picture day is coming. Please sign up HERE. If you have any questions, please email stephanie.vasquez@empowergenerations.org.

Empower Generations

Senior Sunrise Is October 9!

Seniors, please join us on Zoom as we watch the sunrise and write letters to ourselves. If you have any questions, please email stephanie.vasquez@empowergenerations.org.

Empower Generations

Lunch Bunch and Senior Information

Every Monday from 11:00 AM to noon, Ms. Taylor has a Lunch Bunch for all learners interested. Every Wednesday from 8:00 to 9:00 AM and 11:00 AM to noon, she will have office hours for seniors to ask questions regarding Read more…