What’s Happening at EG?


MAP Testing: 45 Learners have completed their MAP testing for winter, with an additional 8 in progress and 3 non-testers. Many learners are seeing growth in at least one area. MAP Reflections will begin next week, wherein learners will compare their fall and winter scores and create a SMART goal to help them grow in at least one specific content skill.

Orientation: Learners have started their very first Google Classroom workshop! Orientation introduces learners to the Google Classroom platform, as well as to core tenants of EG such as PBL, CBE, and our mission statement. Learners are excelling at email composition and setting up check-ins with their Guides. The semester is off to a great start.

Attendance: 56 learners have been present on campus. Five more have scheduled to come in next week, and Ms. Sheba has been a rock star reaching out to all remaining learners.

Shout-Outs: Congratulations to Sam and Terry for earning the top 2 Math scores for MAP.

Congratulations to Noemi and Sam for earning the highest English scores for MAP.

To the remainder of the learners, keep up the great work!

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Upcoming Events

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Upcoming Events

Click here for the academic calendar.

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Kindness Quest

Empower learners were challenged to a Kindness Quest this October! Learners were given a variety of kind activities to perform for their community. Thank you to all who participated! Congratulations Read more…