Frequently Asked Questions

What makes you different from other programs?

We view you as a whole person. Not a number.

Where are you located?

We are located in Lancaster, California.

What are you?

A high school diploma program. And so much more! We believe that the whole person matters. We talk about social-emotional learning. Life. Parenting. Relationships. And we plan a lot for the future. We believe that passion and interest should be at the heart of learning and that learning should be enjoyable and fun.

Does it cost money to attend?

No. We are a tuition-free public charter school. School is free for you, just as it is at any other public school.

Who can attend?

We accept people from all walks of life in grades 9-12. If you are over the age of 18 and not currently enrolled in a high school program, please call us so we can discuss your options.

How long can I take to get my diploma?

As long as you need. Some of our learners work really fast and graduate early. Some need more time, and that’s great too. As long as you are making satisfactory progress toward graduation, there is no rush to be done.

Are you accredited?

Yes, we are accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges.

Is your staff credentialed?

Yes. All of our teachers hold an appropriate teacher credential.

What are your graduation requirements?

We work a bit differently. We are a competency-based program, meaning that we ask our learners to demonstrate the state minimum graduation requirements in a way that also demonstrates skills and attributes that will help you in parenting and life. All our learners will complete a portfolio as they go. This portfolio will be helpful in college and job opportunities!

How does learning occur?

We believe in personalized learning. At the heart of your schoolwork should be things you are passionate or curious about. We spend two to three weeks getting to know you during your orientation and then create a personalized learning plan from there. That plan can include a combination of online courses, independent study work, projects that we design together for which you can earn credits in multiple classes, or face-to-face instruction on campus. Some learners work on one class at a time at a faster pace, and some work on many classes at a time. The possibilities for how you earn your credits are endless!

What does a typical school week look like?

You will attend campus activities one or two days per week. During this time, you’ll participate in advisory (group time), meet with your advisor one on one, get help in any of your classes, work on projects, use our amazing STEM Lab (science, technology, engineering, math), participate in mindfulness activities, eat, and potentially also care for your child. There are no traditional “classes,” but activities are scheduled with start and stop times, so it’s important to make campus time a priority.

When you are off-campus, you’ll use your laptop and other tools to work independently on projects, online courses, and independent study work. You may find you want to come onto campus for help, call or text your advisor, or use your laptop to video chat with your online teacher.

Do I have homework packets?

We believe learning should be personalized, meaningful, and interesting. For most, homework packets don’t fit those requirements. While you may have paperwork to complete for your personalized projects or online courses, we don’t do traditional packets. We believe learning is easier when you’re interested in what you’re learning!

I’m interested in online learning, but I don’t have a computer. Can you help me?

Yes! All of our learners have the option of checking out a laptop for use at home and at school while they are in school with us. We can also help you get low-cost internet and cell phones.

How often do I have to come to school?

We recommend you come two days per week. Some of our learners come one day per week. Some come four to five days per week. And some come once every other week. We are flexible.

How do you support me in my pregnancy?

In whatever way you need! We provide education and resources for you to feel prepared for a healthy pregnancy, labor, delivery, and postpartum period. Our certified childbirth educators and doulas will help you prepare and feel good about your choices. We also accompany you to the hospital for birth if you feel you need some additional support.

What happens when I have my baby?

We visit you in the comfort of your home once per week for six weeks. These visits are a chance for you to ask questions, get support and resources, and connect. You have the option to work on some school stuff during this time, probably related to being a new parent. When you are ready to return to a school schedule, we’ll meet to come up with a learning plan that fits you and your baby best.

Can I bring my baby/toddler to school?

Yes! While we do not offer child care services, we are set up for your baby or toddler to love coming to our site and learning right alongside you. There will be lots of support while you navigate learning and parenting.

I’m not pregnant or a parent. Can I still attend your school?

Yes! We welcome learners from all walks of life! Our program is geared to fit anyone. Specifically, we work with young people who need a different way to learn and be heard to feel successful in life.

Do you provide lunch?

Yes. We have a school lunch program. We honor federal Free and Reduced Lunch requirements.

I need help with other things, such as transportation, supplies for my baby, and other services. Do you provide these?

We work with some amazing community partners to address all your needs. If we can’t provide it directly to you, we will help you find an organization that can.

I’m interested in enrolling. How can I start?

You can visit the Enroll Now link on our website, come into our office, or give us a call to get started.