What Makes Us Different?

iLEAD Empower Generations

Empower Generations’ unique approach to the whole person and whole family allows learners to pursue a high school diploma while navigating the new experiences of pregnancy and parenthood. The program offers flexible options, such as credit recovery, online programs, one-on-one tutoring, regular advisory, optional family seminars, and community internship and mentorship as a pathway to high school graduation and college and career readiness. We promote adaptability, self-confidence, autonomy, and creativity through the development of social-emotional, communication, and problem-solving skills. The educational program promotes respect and understanding in the school’s inclusive environment. The program includes four essential components:

Personalized, Relevant, and Rigorous Learning

Learners are given the keys to design their own personalized educational learning plan based on Common Core standards, social-emotional learning, and project-based learning. Learning plans incorporate engagement, skill development, and rigor. Learners participate in portfolio building to showcase mastery of content, skills, and their ability to defend their portfolios to a panel of experts, peers, and family members. The goal for each learner is to earn a high school diploma and attain college and career readiness.


Learners have the opportunity to participate in advisory groups led by a highly qualified and supportive guide. These groups become an essential support system in areas including, but not limited to, academic achievement, pregnancy/parenting, social-emotional learning, portfolio development, and internships. Advisory serves as a safe place to build trusting relationships, an academic mind-set, and 21st-century skills.

Health and Wellness

Empower Generations’ wellness program is a safe, supportive process that allows teens to explore aspects of physical and mental well-being. A focus on social-emotional learning combined with unique advisory topics and seminars empower learners (and families) to receive the information and skills they need to make healthy evidence-based choices for themselves, their children, and their families. Learners are welcome to bring their young children into learning studios. Optional family seminars are offered in the evenings to allow parents, siblings, and grandparents the opportunity to connect, form community, and seek resources and support.

Internship and Community Mentorship

All learners engage in internship throughout the year to foster skills and engage in areas of interest. Internships allow learners to receive job training, community networking, and real-world learning under the guidance of an adult mentor. Internship becomes an essential component of each learner’s portfolio and learning plan. In addition, learners have the option to work with personal mentors to navigate the unique needs of young parenthood. Learners become intricately connected to their communities and find ways to serve them.