How to Request a Work Permit

  1. Log in to your Pathways Student Portal. (Email the office if you need log-in info:
  2. Click “Work Permits.”
  3. Click “Print Permit Application.” (If you don’t have a printer, you can pick up the form on campus.)
  4. Take this form to your place of employment and ask your employer to sign.
  5. Bring the form to the school counselor or school director.
  6. We will finish processing your work permit and provide a printed copy for you.

Learners need to have sufficient work samples submitted to receive a work permit. All work permits expire five days after the new school year begins.

Have more questions and need some help?

Complete the form below and either our school counselor or school director will reach out to you.

See here for more information: California Department of Education – Work Permit Info.

Work Permit Questions

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