Empowered Connections


Field Trip to Antelope Valley College

Learners took a tour of Antelope Valley College. They were able to speak to professors, ask students questions, and engage in the air-conditioning, refrigeration, and ventilation program and the aircraft fabrication and assembly program.

Wellness Center 

Representatives from the new Student Wellness Center came to speak to our learners to share what they have to offer. SWC offers health education, wellness services, confidential support, and peer leadership. We look forward to continuing to build a partnership with them!



Design Challenge #6: Paper Plane Records

They say fate is written in the stars, but so is a lot of history! Constellations are areas where stars create recognizable patterns. These patterns have been named by humans over the millenia and often tell tales of our greatest Read more…

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iLEAD Family Resource Helpline

We want to thank you for all you do for your children. Our lives have been shaken and changed by the COVID-19 pandemic. No matter what you’re feeling and experiencing, we want you to know you are not alone. Though Read more…


Upcoming Events

Click here for the academic calendar. Just added: 2020-21! Zoom Schedule Food Services, Technology, Learning Resources Professional Learning dates: Friday, May 29 Friday, June 5 On these days, online learning will be available to learners, but facilitators will not be holding live sessions.