Message from the Director


Dear Families,

Please make sure you’re checking your learner’s progress for their online classes and their on-site workshops. You can access these through Google Classroom and through iLEAD PowerSchool. If you need help accessing these sites, you can reach out to your learner’s advisor. 

Mr. Rob’s workshop will be demonstrating their learning through their first Presentation of Learning (POL) “What’s Wrong with Kareem?” this Tuesday. We hope you can stop on by and see the work they’ve done!

We also hope you join us for the annual Multicultural Feast on November 22! This is a wonderful time for everyone to come together and share their cultures and traditions. Please see the information below. 

With gratitude,

Malaka Donovan



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iLEAD Family Resource Helpline

We want to thank you for all you do for your children. Our lives have been shaken and changed by the COVID-19 pandemic. No matter what you’re feeling and experiencing, we want you to know you are not alone. Though Read more…


Upcoming Events

Click here for the academic calendar. Just added: 2020-21! Zoom Schedule Food Services, Technology, Learning Resources Professional Learning dates: Friday, May 29 Friday, June 5 On these days, online learning will be available to learners, but facilitators will not be holding live sessions.