Message from the Director


Dear Learners and Families,

What’s happening at EG?

iLEAD Online classes will be wrapping up on Friday, March 1st. Make sure to communicate with your Guide and submit ALL work before that Friday. In March, we will be beginning our online labs! Each learner will be assigned to one lab to focus on for the month of March. In STEAM, learners will be exploring the concept of homeostasis through building their own microenvironment (garden) or exploring and diagnosing an illness in a case study. Humanities Lab will dive into the concept of global citizenship and play-based learning around the world.

In addition to iLEAD Online, learners have a few more February workshops to complete. Last week, learners met engineers from Lockheed and created their own bottle rocket to demonstrate Newton’s Third Law. Next week, we will be hosting a Q&A panel wherein learners get to know their staff (and maybe some life lessons) through a Guess Who game and a series of questions.

This upcoming week in Child Development, we are focusing on learning about the developmental domains that are engaged during certain types of play. Learners will be encouraged to think about different activities and how they are helping children develop.

Learners, please reach out on days that you are absent. My direct line is (661) 537-3719.

Sha’Kirim “Sha’Ki” Brown




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