Message from the Director


Dear Learners and Families,

What’s happening at EG?

This week is the last week of your online labs! Each lab will be wrapping up with a creative mini-project. Make sure that your final pieces of work really reflect what you have been learning. Next week, you will switch to the opposite lab, so turn in everything before this Saturday.

If you had a project, not a lab, that is also due before this Saturday so that you may move onward.

This week’s Interdisciplinary Workshop combined Science, History, and Social-Emotional Learning! Learners dove into the relationship between the Earth and Moon, as well as the symbolism in the spring equinox. We created delicious models of the continents and phases of the moon. Join us next week for creative problem-solving in Minute-to-Win-It games!

Child Development

This week in Child Development, we are finishing up our Amusement Park Website Blog! Each learner was encouraged to choose an amusement park of their choice and create a website blog that focused on the environment and the feeling an amusement park promotes. We have learned how important a child’s environment is in creating a fun, engaging, and challenging experience for them. Thinking about playing with dolls and Tonka trucks may be too hard to remember for our learners; however, thinking about the thrill of an amusement park helps them feel like a kid again!

Learners, please reach out on days that you are absent. My direct line is (661) 537-3719.

Sha’Kirim “Sha’Ki” Brown





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Messages from the EG Staff

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