Monday message 12.10.2017

Upcoming Events


Click here for the academic calendar. Just added: 2020-21!

Zoom Schedule

Food Services, Technology, Learning Resources

Friday, June 12: Last day of 2019-20 school year

Next School Year

Tuesday, August 25: First day of 2020-21 school year


This Week in the Village

Dear Village, We have just one week of school left before the winter break. We want to encourage all learners to attend campus activities as much as possible, and recommend learners be on site all week this week. Learners will Read more…


Thanks for POL Support and Participation

Thank you all who participated in and supported our presentation of learning. We are proud of all of the effort put into the event!  

Updated Giving Celebration

Giving Celebration

Mark your calendar! And note the time change!

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