Monday Message for February 12, 2018

This Week in the Village

Dreams of travel! Child flying on a suitcase against the backdro

Dear Village,

This week, we begin our regular semester bell schedule. You should have your semester 2 learning plan and be ready to get started. Please note that all work for learning cycle 1 this semester is due March 19. Our focuses this week are getting started in online classes and calendaring out each class and starting to develop your first passion project this semester. It is important you attend campus two days a week from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Upcoming Events


  • Feb. 19: No School for President’s Day
  • March 19: Presentation of Learning
  • March 24: Progress Reports
  • March 26-30: Spring Break
  • May 11: Registration for 2018-2019
  • May 18: Junior/Senior Prom
  • June 4-9: Portfolio Defense Presentations
  • June 12: Senior Graduation
  • June 15: End of School

Staff Spotlight: Vanessa Calzada

Calzada Staff Photo

Vanessa is our lead guide on campus. She leads with quiet confidence and is deeply connected to the success and happiness of our learners. Vanessa is a master at using academic strategies to help learners succeed in their coursework and learning goals. Vanessa will be co-designing passion projects with learners this semester and leading them through the process. We are so grateful to have Vanessa’s calm presence in the learning studio every day.


Vanessa’s Manifesto of Learning:

“Believe in yourself. Embrace imperfections and unknowns. Know that possibilities are endless. Know that that there is no such thing as failure, failure is not an option, because failing means learning from mistakes. Know that getting lost will only help you find yourself. ENCOURAGE. INSPIRE. TEACH. Do what you love.”

Parenting Corner: Rashes!

Parent Corner 2

Rashes! Almost every child gets them in some form at some time. So how should a parent know what kind of rash it is and how to treat it? Click HERE for a list of common skin rashes in infants and toddlers. Click HERE for a list of great remedies. And when in doubt, call or see your child’s care provider.