Monday Message for February 05, 2018

This Week in the Village

Dreams of travel! Child flying on a suitcase against the backdro

Dear Village,

We are wrapping up Semester 1 and transitioning to Semester 2. During this time you will:

  • Meet with your change agent to review your Semester 1 report of progress
  • MAP test to measure growth over the last semester
  • Reflect on your first semester
  • Meet with Mrs. Bravo or Mrs. Komo to complete a Semester 2 individual learning plan

Report cards for Semester 1 will be available Feb. 6.

It is essential that you attend campus during your regularly scheduled days this month. There is a lot happening, and you won’t want to miss it!

Upcoming Events


  • Jan. 30-Feb. 12: MAP testing.
  • Feb. 5: Report cards sent home.
  • Thursday, Feb. 8: Community Night
  • Feb. 19: No School for President’s Day
  • March 19: Presentation of Learning
  • March 20: Progress Reports
  • March 26-30: Spring Break
  • May 11: Registration for 2018-2019
  • May 18: Junior/Senior Prom
  • June 4-9: Portfolio Defense Presentations
  • June 12: Senior Graduation
  • June 15: End of School

Staff Spotlight: Tasheba Howard

Staff Spotlight Howard

Tasheba is our advisor on campus. Coming to us with a bachelor’s degree in child development and early childhood education, Tasheba is an expert on all things baby/toddler. Tasheba wears many hats at the studio, from MAP testing to orientation to learner support and tutoring. Her smile lights up the space, and her can-do attitude keeps everyone going.

Parenting Corner

Parent Corner 2

Vitamin D plays an important role in your child’s growth, immune system (health), and mood (happiness). Our body makes Vitamin D through sun exposure and by eating certain foods. But in the winter months, many of us, especially children, don’t get enough. Many pediatricians are starting to recommend a daily supplement for all babies/children. Medical patients can get a free prescription for vitamin D. Click HERE to read more!