Monday Message for March 19, 2018

This Week in the Village

Dreams of travel! Child flying on a suitcase against the backdro

Dear Village,

This is the last week before spring break and staff learning. It’s essential that you come to campus. This week we will:

  • Review your individual learning plan and make adjustments
  • Complete a spring break plan of action
  • Prepare for your upcoming presentation of learning
  • Register for any needed online courses

Upcoming Events


  • March 19: Presentation of Learning POSTPONED
  • March 24: Progress Reports
  • March 26-30: Spring Break
  • April 2-4: No School
  • May 11: Registration for 2018-2019
  • May 18: Junior/Senior Prom
  • June 4-9: Portfolio Defense Presentations
  • June 15: End of School

Learner Spotlight: Amber

Amber Photo

Amber has been at Empower Generations for about five months. She has a 2-year-old son. She came to Empower because it was a great opportunity for her and her son. Amber loves being a mom and watching and guiding her son in his own growth. She wants people to know that not all teen moms are the same. All of the staff at Empower see Amber as a leader. She is kind, warm, and giving. Amber is excited about life. She asks great questions. Amber works diligently and has been incredibly successful in her Integrated Math I course, finishing the whole year-long course in just four months. Amber cares deeply about her future and her community.


Parenting Corner: Dressing for the Weather

Nature 2

There is no inappropriate weather, just inappropriate dress. Even in these cold winter months, taking you and your child outside is vital for health and happiness! What? That’s right. As long as you’re are dressed appropriately, the benefits of outdoor exploration, play, and time are wonderful. Click HERE to read more about them. Can’t get outside? HERE are some easy ways to bring the best of the outdoors inside for some fun sensory activities for babies and toddlers. What are some of your favorite outdoor activities?