Monday message 03.21.2022

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Dear Empower Generations Families,

Please check with your learner’s Advisor to sign up for Learner-Led Conferences. This is a valuable time for learners to pause and reflect on their growth and their challenges. 

Upcoming Events

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Tues., 8/13: First Day of 2024-25 School Year

Mon., 9/2: Labor Day

Click here for the school year calendar.

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Messages from the EG Staff

Ms. Kim – Guide Happy Monday, learners and families. Welcome to Week 3 of Workshop Cycle 2!  This is our midpoint of the project and learners are beginning to feel Read more…

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Parent University

Are you a struggling with your learner at home? Have you ever questioned your parenting methods and wished there was an easier way to handle tough situations? Parent University is Read more…


Life Program – AV Transit

Please see Ms. Rosiey, our Office Manager for more information about discounted bus fare! 


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