Monday message 05.03.2021

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Dear Empower Generations Families,

Don’t forget to re-register! Please check your email for the link to re-register for the 2021-22 school year and complete the forms as soon as possible. One of the primary purposes of the re-registration process is to ensure each learner’s safety. We’ll be collecting emergency contact info, each learner’s health info that we need to be aware of, and signatures for forms that must be updated yearly. Please click here for an instructional video regarding this process. In July, we’ll ask you to complete the School Nutrition Programs forms, which help us provide lunches and receive funding for our school. Thank you for your prompt attention as we complete re-registration for our exciting school year of 2021-2022! If you need support, please email and we are happy to assist you.

With gratitude,

The Empower Generations Team

Upcoming Events

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Thur., 7/4: Independence Day – Office Closed

Tues., 8/13: First Day of 2024-25 School Year

Mon., 9/2: Labor Day

Click here for the school year calendar.

Empower Generations join the club

Join the Go Green! Club

Our mission as “Go Green!” is to educate ourselves and others on how to take better care of our planet. We have only one Earth. What we do with it, Read more…

Empower Generations learner laptop

Schedule an Appointment to Complete Enrollment for Fall 2021!

Thank you for choosing Empower Generations for your 2021-2022 school year. Please CLICK HERE to make an appointment to help complete enrollment for Fall 2021. Please bring the following documents Read more…

Empower Generations learner

Budgeting: Prove Your Competency!

In Ms. Jenna’s third workshop, we are exploring how to budget for a vacation. There is a focus on real-life math skills as well as reading comprehension! Each week learners Read more…

Empower Generations learners and facilitator

Mr. Isaac’s Workshop: Eye-Catching Ideas

During this week of the Better Business workshop, learners will be striving to create visual items for the community businesses they will be working with. They are working on flyers, Read more…

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