Monday Message for September 16, 2019

Message from the Director


Dear Families,

As we are well on our way into the school year, learners are beginning to get situated and comfortable with schedules, workshops, and various extra activities. We have Leadership Council, cheer clubs, volleyball and basketball starting soon, and more. We’ve had community members such as Penny Lane and El Nido reach out to support our learners, and even a college counselor visit our site. We have cooked breakfast, dabbled in photography, painted walls, explored our senses, and danced in the quad. We’ve MAP tested, signed up for online classes, and begun working in our workshops. We are rekindling old friendships and building some new ones, too. Thank you to all the families who choose us each day. We appreciate you!

Malaka Donovan

Foodie Friday Vibes


Last week, our learners collaborated in flipping flapjacks, scrambling farm fresh eggs, and of course we enjoyed the sizzling sounds of bacon. The aroma of breakfast filled our site! Please come by Friday mornings and join us! Each week we are learning a new culinary concept.  

A study came out in the Journal of Nutrition, Education and Behavior this year showing that when young adults ages 18 to 23 feel like they know how to cook, they actually have better nutrition in their homes and with their families more than 10 years later in their 30s.

Senior Sunrise


Seniors, meet at 5:30 a.m. at school on Friday, September 20th, to pause and celebrate the beginning of the final year of high school by celebrating the beginning of a new day at Lamont Odett Vista Point. Seniors will write letters to self that will be read again during Senior Sunset at the end of the year. Ms. Stephanie will have permission slips available.

Spirit Week is Sept. 16th-20th


Hello learners, family, and friends! We would like to introduce our first Spirit week of the school year.

Monday: Rep your class color day 

  • Freshman: wear blue and white
  • Sophomores: Red and black
  • Juniors: Green and White
  • Seniors: Gold and white

Tuesday: Club Day

Come explore and sign up for the clubs and sport teams we have on campus ! Ask Mrs.Tori how you can create your own club on campus!

Wednesday: White out! 

Everyone wear white

Thursday: Pie a Staff Member! 

Bring a dollar and Pie a staff member !!

Friday: Movie Day 

Bring your blankets, lawn chairs, and favorite comfy attire! Come watch a spooky movie with us to kick off the fall season! Starting at 12 p.m., after school in the courtyard. Indulge in a $5 Movie snack pack. The snack pack includes a slice of pizza, soda, candy, and a bag of popcorn! Popcorn, candy, and soda can be purchased separately.


Jeanette workshop2

Ms. Jeanette’s Workshop

Driving Question: How can I know what life is?

Learners explored the stages of mitosis through creating an edible model. The model was built based on their independent research of each phase. They also began exploring how mitosis and cell division could lead to specialization in complex organisms.


Cheer Club


We would like to introduce the Empower Generations Bobcats Cheer Squad! Cheer practices are on Mondays and Wednesdays, from 2:30-4 p.m. Please sign up on our club board in the Village if interested!

Community Night


Thank you to Kris Nilsen and Penny Lane for joining us on our first Community Night! Kris shared valuable information about colleges, while Penny Lane shared their family resources. Our next Community Night will be our Fall Festival on October 17th. Come check out all the learner-run activities! Everyone is welcome.

Thank you to Sgt. Cherrif from the United States Army! He visited our campus on Friday sharing his personal journey and sharing resources for anyone interested in joining the Army after high school. He even helped flip some pancakes for breakfast!

We appreciate the gifts our community can share with our learners. If you know anyone who has a story to share, resource to offer, or might inspire kids, please have them call our front office to schedule a time to visit!

Individual Learning Plans (ILPs)


We value the idea that we need a road map in order to have a successful journey! Individual Learning Plan (ILP) meetings are September 19th, 20th, 27th.

Empower Generations embraces the whole child, focusing on both social-emotional and academic skills. In lieu of the traditional parent/teacher conference, the learners, facilitators, and parents/guardians collaborate annually to create Individualized Learning Plans (ILPs) to guide instruction. Everyone works together to reflect on, monitor, and make adjustments to the ILP as needed. The primary goal of the ILP is to ensure that each child reflects on their own achievements and identifies areas in which they need to improve. Therefore, each learner will be working toward attainable goals aligned to their individual development


Upcoming Events


September 16th-20th – Spirit Week

September 20th – Senior Sunrise see details below

September 19th, 20th, & 27th – ILPs see details below

September 26th – Half day for ILPs

October 7th-11th – Mid Fall Break 

October 17th – Fall Festival Community Night 

Coming Soon – Parent University | Competency Based Education

Advisory: Why, Who, and How

empower generations


Advisory is the hub of who we are and provides an opportunity to support personal growth and build relationships. This year, we will build upon FOUR PILLARS: Learn to Learn, Learn to Love, Learn to Collaborate, and Learn to Live. Each month we will focus on one pillar with a variety of activities. Last week, Advisories spent time together learning about self, learning about one another and learning about their communities through games, team building activities and creating a “common space piece” that is now displayed in our Village.  


Here are our 7 advisory groups!  

  • Mr. Rob and Campfire Clout
  • Ms. Tanya and La Familia
  • Ms. Jeanette and The Soul Catchers
  • Ms. Steph/Ms.Tori/Ms. Elayne and the Strong Unique Moms
  • Ms. Sheba/Ms. Danielle and The Successful Learners
  • Ms. Jenna and The Little Rascals 
  • Ms. Rachael Hustle Headquarters


Every learner has their Advisor and Advisory that meets Monday-Thursday from 10:30-11:30 a.m. You learner’s Advisor will be their academic accountability partner for all classes, be their advocate if they need anything, and help them reach their goals for the year. We hope to see them there as much as possible.

Master Agreements (MAs) 

Please make sure to check your email and sign your Master Agreement.  See Ms.Tori if you have any questions.

Empowered Families Needed Donations


We are in need of donations to support our learner programs.

Current needs include:

  • Large and small Ziploc bags
  • Two cookie sheets 
  • Cupcake tray
  • Different color sheer fabric
  • Sandpaper 
  • Tape (duct, painters, masking, scotch) — open to colored or patterned, too
  • Sprinkles
  • Glycerin
  • Baby oil 
  • Two plastic bins w/ lids 
  • Rice 
  • Water beads
  • Craft pom-poms
  • Wisk 
  • Ribbon

Empowered Babies


Driving Question: How can we use our senses to explore, learn, and grow while we play?

Empowered Babies are having so much fun this week learning about shapes and textures as they play! They also LOVE our new mirror addition to our sensory wall! Babies always enjoy looking at their reflection!

The joy babies get by spotting their own reflection in a mirror also helps:

  • Increase their ability to focus
  • Begin to develop social skills
  • Foster their curiosity
  • Enhance their cognitive development (by introducing the concept of object permanence)
  • Strengthen their bodies (by having little ones lift their heads or use their torso and arm muscles to look in a mirror)