Design Challenge #3: Disaster Strikes!

Empower Generations Design Challenge

The times, they are a-changing! While it may be scary and new to live through a pandemic, human beings are exceptionally resilient and resourceful! This week’s design challenge is about adapting to and overcoming natural obstacles.

Inspired by the familiar trope of a baking soda volcano, Ms. Jeanette challenges you to take it a step further this week and design a building that could withstand a simulated disaster. Check out the videos below for background information, and then dive in!

To complete this challenge, follow the steps of the Engineering and Design process.

  • Ask yourself, “What disaster am I simulating? What materials and techniques could help me?”
  • Plan out your steps.
  • Draw your building and your disaster.
  • Make a list of supplies.
  • Create your model using supplies around the house.
  • Test your model.
  • Run the simulation and see what happens!
  • Improve your design after observing what happened. Did everything work as planned? If not, what can you do to make it better.
  • And finally, share your process! We love to see science at work. Email any drawings, pictures or videos to Ms. Jeanette, and watch the Monday Message for the big reveal of your project.





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