Have You Filled Out the Multipurpose Family Income Form?

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If you’ve already filled out the form, thank you so much! If you haven’t had a chance yet, please read on to learn how EVERYONE’s participation will benefit our school. Thanks so much for your time!

The start of school means getting to know new friends, staff, and routines, and, of course, filling out lots of paperwork!

One form that is especially important for schools to get from families is called the “Household Data Collection (HDC) Form.” This form needs to be filled out for every learner and submitted each year by October 1. It can be submitted through our Reg Online/Pathways student information system. Please complete online via Reg Online/Pathways by October 1.

Some people have heard that it is only necessary to fill out this form if you want your child to qualify for free or reduced-price school breakfast and/or lunch. The truth is that it is important for EVERY family to fill out this form because doing so helps bring much-needed additional money and services directly to our school!

Our school receives funding from the state and federal governments to support the needs of low-income learners. For each learner who qualifies under the HDC form, our school receives thousands of additional dollars in funding.

Studies show that many eligible students, in particular middle school and high school students, do not complete this form each year, leaving hundreds of thousands of dollars in funding for our school on the table. Even a small increase in eligible forms collected results in significantly more money to support our learners and school.

What is the Household Data Collection Form?

This form collects basic information about your learner so our school can determine their eligibility and qualify to receive extra money and programs to support learners. You may have heard this form referred to in the past as the School Meal Application Form or School Lunch Form. The name has changed because it is really about more than school breakfast/lunch.

How does filling out the HDC Form help our school?

Schools get more money in their budgets to support learners. Our school qualifies to receive more money per learner from the state and federal government, which they can pass on to our school.

Help! The form is confusing!

Income information: Some parents have asked whether they need to provide this information if they know that they are not eligible. The form does require that families enter income. This information is not shared and is required for those seeking free or reduced-price meal eligibility. However, a family that does not wish to be considered for eligibility may fill out a form and complete both the household income and household size as 0. Completing in this manner will exclude you from being considered but will show your form as turned in.

Is the Information I submit confidential?

The information you submit on the HDC Form cannot be shared by our school.

Personal information submitted on the form is not shared with the state or federal government; only the number of learners who qualify is shared.

Facilitators are not told which learners qualify for these benefits. Our school does not share information with other organizations that provide benefits.

What if I still have questions?

If you run into any problems, you can always contact the staff at our school for individual assistance. You can reach them by calling 661-429-3264 or emailing shantoria.goodman@ileadinnovationstudios.org.

We thank you for your continued support of Empower Generations!

Malaka Donovan

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