Meet The Empower Generations Village

Empower Generations Team

Welcome back Empower Generations! We would like to introduce you to the high school version of our staff!

Meet your Village!

Jeanette Chadwick (Guide)

  1. I was once employed by an axe murderer.
  2. I am pretty fantastic at headstands.
  3. I am very concerned about lake monsters.

Antwan Thorogood (Care Team)

  1. I have been skydiving three times.
  2. I have road tripped from New York to California.
  3. I have gone to an NBA game every year since 2002.

Danielle Padilla (Care Team)

  1. I am a cosmetologist.
  2. I am a foodie.
  3. I love many forms of art.

Robert Gibson (Educational Specialist)

  1. I am an animal lover.
  2. Tamales are my favorite food.
  3. I am unable to make a left turn

Malaka Donovan (Director)

  1. I was my high school mascot my senior year (a Knight).
  2. I think the Kansas City Chiefs are the best football team ever.
  3. I played trumpet all four years of high school.

Tanya Fornelli (Guide)

  1. I was a lifeguard.
  2. I love roller coasters.
  3. I have a tattoo.

Kim Martinez – Melchor (Guide)

  1. I was cheer captain in high school.
  2. I love weightlifting.
  3. I hate Arrowhead water.

Bruno Chung (Registrar)

  1. Spanish is my first language.
  2. I spend too much on shoes.
  3. I have a blind dog.

Shantoria Goodman (Office Manager)

  1. Finding Nemo is my favorite movie.
  2. My dream career is to be a personal fashion stylist.
  3. Rap is my favorite genre of music.

Robert Sterling (Care Team)

  1. I was the first person in my family to graduate college.
  2. My favorite candy is Reese’s sticks.
  3. My favorite game is Connect Four.

Jocelyn Fitzgerald (Counselor)

  1. In high school, I wanted to become a dentist.
  2. In high school, I participated in track and cheerleading.
  3. I served in the U.S. Army Reserves as a military police officer.


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