Messages from the EG Staff

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Ms. Kim – Guide

Happy Monday, families and learners! I hope all of you that attended Prom had a lot of fun and were able to de-stress for a little while. We only have THREE weeks left of school and it is quickly approaching! As a reminder, you can still turn in missing assignments from previous workshop cycles and get that in before the end of the school year. My goal is to see you all succeed, so please reach out to me or any of your guides if you have further questions or need one-on-one help with your assignments. Let’s keep up the hard work; we are almost to the finish line!

Ms. Marian – Guide

Happy Monday. There has been so much happening recently in the world and in each of our lives individually. I am proud of the energy I see our learners put forth to be resilient and stay focused on their work. This week, please try to get caught up so that you will not have assignments missing in your grade book. Let’s make this a great week!

Bob – Education Specialist

I like to prepare a list of summer reading for fun. First, I try to think of the genre of reading I would like to buy or get from the library. Some examples of genres are mystery, biography, history, romance, and adventure. I plan to read a couple of biographies, and some U.S. history non fiction. The father of my best friend was part of the team that built the first atomic bomb, so I have always been interested in learning more about this momentous event in U.S. history. The first book I will read this summer, therefore, will be “The Making of the Atomic Bomb” by Richard Rhodes. What would you like to read?

Brian – School Counselor

As we come to the end of Mental Health Awareness Month, it is important to remember to always take care of ourselves. Now is a good time to pause and reflect. Since May is Mental Health Awareness Month, we want to make sure we recognize a difficult truth: Nearly one in five Americans lives with a mental health condition, according to the National Institute of Mental Health. That includes any mental, behavioral, or emotional disorder such as: depression, anxiety, mood disorders including bipolar disorder, personality disorders, psychotic disorders including schizophrenia, trauma, eating disorders, and substance use disorders. During the pandemic, many people also suffered from isolation, sickness, grief, and job loss as contributing factors to declining mental health, as well as the lack of access to mental health services during difficult times.

Ms. Rosie – Office Manager

Hello Families and Learners!

As the end of the school year is approaching, here are some updates:

  • Re-Registration will be going out on June 1st
  • We are still printing school IDs after lunch. Please be prepared to smile, take your picture, and get your school ID. If you need to make any other arrangements, please reach out to me.
  • Graduation is June 9th for our graduating seniors! Congrats!
  • No school Monday, May 30th, in observance of Memorial Day
  • The last day of school is June 17

Please reach out to me if you have any questions. My email address is roselia.calderon@empowergenerations.org

Ms. Jeanette – Guide Support/Care Team

Thank you to all the learners who came out and painted with me last Friday! It was great to see you express your creativity and take a moment to relax before the end of the semester. I would love to do more creative activities with you next year. Please share suggestions by emailing me!

Ms. Tanya – Care Team

We are so excited to see our graduates walk the stage and accept their diplomas next week! Our seniors are busy preparing for their Senior Portfolio Defense presentations taking place this week. All Empower Generations learners will prepare for a Senior Portfolio Defense presentation in their senior year. What is a Senior Defense Portfolio Presentation? A Senior Defense Portfolio presentation is a graduation requirement for Empower Generations. The presentation serves as a learner’s way to take ownership of their high school journey and their learning. Seniors are a champion of their high school story! The Senior Portfolio Defense presentation is also an opportunity to prove to a panel of staff, family, and peers that the learner is ready to graduate and enter the world of college or career with the skills needed for success. This is an opportunity to prove that they’ve met the EG Graduation Requirements. As you approach your senior year, what is the lasting impression you want to leave with your panel?

Ms. Dani – Care Team

Hey learners and families, we are now 3 weeks away from completing this year of school and in honor of that, these are 3 fun facts:

  • First, did you know that Hawaiian-style pizza was actually invented in Canada?
  • Second, strawberries are the only fruit that sports its seeds on the outside.
  • Third, it takes about 50 licks to finish just one scoop of ice cream.

Mr. Troy – Care Team

With only a few weeks left in school, it’s important we do not give in to burnout. As a college student right now, I understand how tired these last weeks can feel but we have to stick it through. Summer break’s around the corner!


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