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Ms. Kim – Guide

Hello families & learners!

I want to thank you for being patient and flexible during this time, especially with the technical difficulties that sometimes get in our way. However, I want to congratulate our learners on making it to Week 3!

Last week in the Young Critics project, learners finished their summary portion of their review. This week we will focus on the actual review section where we will learn about what specifics make a story “good” or “bad.” This will then help us be able to analyze a story in order for learners to begin forming their own opinions and put them in writing!

Bob – Education Specialist

As an avid reader of both fiction and nonfiction, I have spent a fair amount of money and time shopping for and buying books. I finally — and happily — bought a KIndle to download and read any book I desire. Not only can I read anywhere with my Kindle, but I can buy books for around half the bookstore price. A Kindle is not expensive, and it ends up saving you money in the long run! Give it a try.

Brian – School Counselor

Good day. After reviewing the transcripts for all 12th and 11th graders, I will start sending/emailing letters to parents/guardians to inform them of their learner’s school status with regards to high school credits and what is needed for high school graduation. For our seniors, their last year of high school can be very exciting and stressful at the same time. Let’s please try to check in with all of our learners daily to ensure that they are ok socially and emotionally.

Ms. Rosiey – Office Manager

I am so proud of the whole Empower Generations team. I hear the different conversations in person or on Zoom, and it is amazing how engaged everyone is. As we move on with this spring semester don’t hesitate to reach out to any of us!

I miss seeing everyone on a daily basis! Don’t forget to do the Health Screening via ParentSquare or Student Square daily. If you haven’t yet, download the app, it is way easier to screen. Please reach out to me if you have any questions or concerns.

My email address is Roselia.Calderon@Empowergenerations.org

Sean – Substitute Guide

Parents and Learners,

First, I want to thank you for your continued communication with me. I am so impressed with the engagement and work completion in Acute Design. Our learners are currently working on Transformations: Rotations, and Reflections. Many of them had an “Aha” moment in class on Thursday and seemed to grasp the concepts quite well. We are also starting to sketch out our rough drafts of what our stage and setting should look like.

As a reminder, I will be reaching out to both guardians and learners on Fridays to ensure all assignments due have been turned in. Please do not hesitate to reach out to me via text or call at (323) 330-4776 or email sean.rafferty@empowergenerations.org if you have any questions or concerns.

Tanya – Guide

Is a hot dog a sandwich? Last week, we studied informational texts and learned about researching a topic in preparation for a debate. We learned how to structure arguments to show a point of view. Some learners argued that hot dogs fall under the category of tacos and some learners argued that a hot dog is a sandwich because it is a protein in bread. It was a fun exercise of debating our opinions. Next week, we will continue to focus on the 21-day ELA challenge. It is fun to see learners researching new topics, working on their reading comprehension skills by studying for their driver’s permit test, and expressing themselves creatively in writing.

Rob – Care Team

I am a member of iLEAD’s Equity Task Force. At iLEAD, our equity mission is to continually identify and dismantle inequitable practices, challenge and eliminate institutional biases and barriers, and advocate for resources to ensure that every stakeholder (learners, staff member, and family) gets what they need to thrive socially, emotionally, and intellectually in our learning community. Friday, February 4th, at 11:30 AM we will have a listening session, and we need 4-6 learners to attend. Please send me an email if you are interested at robert.sterling@ileadinnovationstudios.org.

Our purpose for listening sessions is to better understand whether underrepresented groups feel a sense of safety and belonging in the school community. We would love to hear our learner’s input and ideas on how to improve this.

We appreciate your willingness to share with us your experiences.

Jeanette – Guide Support/Care Team

Hello everyone! Thank you for your continued dedication in your Google Classrooms. Many learners are asking clarifying questions, re-submitting assignments, and working towards true mastery. It is awesome to see!

Week 3 of Acute Design will continue exploring ground plans and transformations as well introducing the distance formula! Be ready to graph it up!

As a reminder, I am available in the afternoons for Zoom support. Send me an email to set up 1:1 appointments for help with math!

Troy – Care Team

Last week’s puzzle solution: 042

THIS WEEK’S RIDDLE: What month of the year has 28 days?


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