Messages from the EG Staff


Ms. Kim – Guide

Congratulations on finishing your first week of Workshop Cycle 2! This week learners began their new classes of the new project cycle. For this project, Cohort C will be learning about the concepts of war in a project titled “War & Propaganda.” Learners will be exploring the history behind the U.S & their involvement in World War II and analyze how past historical events can affect us in the future. Learners will make connections and use their understanding of historical events to develop their own form of propaganda as a response/call to action about the events unfolding in Russia and Ukraine.

On the other hand, Cohort D will be learning about fast fashion and how it affects our overconsumption of goods. Throughout this project, learners will understand the concepts of economics and the negative effects of overconsumption in order to develop an upcycle fashion brand. I am excited to work with Cohorts C and D for this project cycle, as I know the creative and capable minds of our learners!

Ms. Marian – New Guide

Happy Monday! I have been speaking to learners this week about strong women, and I have realized that our learners come from some amazing people. Here are roses for all of the AMAZING women that I get to encounter everyday through the minds of our learners. Thank you for what you bring to our time together.

Bob – Education Specialist

A few years ago, I researched the physicists of the 20th century for a television script. These incredible people changed the way the world thinks and about how our universe works. Of course, many of us know about the great Albert Einstein and how he changed science when he changed how we thought about light, but others made us think differently about movement. At that one instance, when you start to move, are you leaving the previous space or entering the new space?  Scientists agreed that we can’t be two places at once, so a new branch of science emerged called quantum physics. I found it fascinating to read about these great thinkers, such as Neils Bohr, Albert Einstein and Robert Oppenheimer, among others. There are many books about these great men that don’t require you to know much about physics, but will fascinate you, nonetheless.

Brian – School Counselor

As we all know, ​​school is the basic foundation of knowledge being imparted to a child. It gives a chance to children to acquire knowledge on various fields of education, such as people, literature, history, mathematics, politics, and other numerous subjects. By obtaining knowledge, a person is in a better position to help other people. At Empower Generations, we are all about helping other people, therefore, we have now started doing home visits. Our goal is to ensure that all learners have what they need to access their educational curriculum, while receiving the academic support to be successful.

Mr. Sean

As we continue to celebrate the numerous achievements of women in our country, I figured it would be a good idea to give a few facts about the contributions of women today. Women make up 57.8 percent of the labor force.

And nearly a million women returned to the workforce in 2021, almost double that of men. According to the 19th, 3.3 million of all the jobs added to the economy went to women, while 3.1 million went to men. This, however, should not overlook the jobs women, in particular women of color, lost during the pandemic when responsibilities such as childcare often fell on their shoulders.

As we continue to progress as a society, it is important to remind ourselves of inclusion and equality. Please join me in continuing to celebrate women’s history month.

Ms. Rosie – Office Manager

Shout Outs! 

I want to share our new “Shout Out” Board. Learners and staff are encouraged to write out “Shout Outs” about each other. Our board is filling up and this is only the second week. Learners if you have not written out a shout out yet, please do so. Learners who are mostly online and want to send a “Shout Out” to your fellow Learners or anyone on the Staff, Please email me and I will post it on the board for you. My email address is roselia.calderon@empowergenerations.org.

Tanya – Guide

Workshop Cycle 2 is off to a great start! Learners in the “Never Again” World History class are learning to think like historians. They are learning about primary and secondary sources, identifying cause and effect relationships, as well as drawing inferences and conclusions.  

The learners in the “Swipe Right” Health class are exploring the age old debate of “nature vs. nurture” by completing a documentary study on CNN’s 2018 film “Three Identical Strangers”.  It is a documentary directed by Tim Wardle about the lives of Edward Galland, David Kellman, and Robert Shafran, a set of identical triplet brothers adopted as infants by separate families. The film recounts how the triplets discovered one another by chance in New York in 1980 at age 19, their public and private lives in the years that followed, and their eventual discovery that their adoption had been part of an undisclosed scientific “nature vs. nurture” study of the development of genetically identical siblings raised in differing socioeconomic circumstances. The film won several awards and is a wonderful jumping off point for a discussion about the ​​long-standing debate in biology and psychology about the balance between two competing factors which determine fate: environment (nurture) and genetics (nature).

Rob – Care Team

As everyone has a different perspective on life, it is this that brings personal experiences and boundaries that form one’s future. Having the ability to look at things from a point of view other than your own will bring mindfulness and communication in all relationships. Someone’s perception of the world around him is his reality. This basically shapes who we are, our motivation and the choices that will be made in our personal and professional life.  It is important to have the positive mindset so as to attract the right things in life. This surely involves the outlook one has on change.  Not everyone likes change, but when it happens it can take us to entirely new direction. We should always avoid blame shame and justification and instead work hard to progress..

Jeanette – Guide Support/Care Team


Welcome to Workshop Cycle 2! Cohorts C and D will be exploring motion and kinematics through their newest project: Reel Physics. Reel Physics is devoted to solving the Driving Question of “How can physics make movies more realistic?” Throughout the project, we will be comparing movie scenes and stunts to the rules of physics to determine if they are realistic or not. At the conclusion of the workshop, learners will create their own film clip that showcases a “stunt.” They will justify how realistic their scene is using knowledge gathered during their first five weeks of inquiry.

Mr. Troy – Care Team

I am curious to hear what you all think about this debate happening on the internet right now. What is there more of in the world: Doors or wheels?  

The answer to last week’s question is: you made money. They were two separate sales that were both profitable.

Ms. Dani – Care Team

Hello everyone! I’m back from a three-month medical leave and I feel great! It’s been nice catching up with some learners and working again with such an awesome staff! Looking forward to seeing every last one of you!


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