Parenting Corner: When Your Child Isn’t Listening…

Rainy Day Activities 2

My child is just not listening! All parents feel frustrated when toddlers or preschoolers don’t seem to listen. Remembering that discipline is an opportunity to teach a new skill or habit, NOT a punishment, can help parents feel empowered to support preschoolers and toddlers through developmental growth. HERE is a great article on phrases to say to your toddler or preschooler when they are not listening. Which is your favorite?


iLEAD Empower Generations Enrollment

Don’t Forget to Re-Enroll to Save Your Seat for 2020-2021!

We hope you’re having a wonderful learning experience at Empower Generations/Innovation Studios! It’s been an incredible journey this school year, and we are looking forward to you continuing this journey with us for the remainder of your high school career. Read more…

Exploring Ethics at iLEAD Empower Generations

Exploring Ethics at Empower Generations

This week in Getting to Know Your Country and Getting to Know Your World, we started discussing ethics with a focus on the death penalty. There have been some great discussions and debates on the topic, and learners are really Read more…