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Check out these simple ways to celebrate Hispanic Heritage with your baby

Check out these books for free at your local library or order from Amazon and add to your book collection at home.


The kitchen is always a fun place to try something new. You can usually find platanos at your local markets. They are healthier than soda, but just as sweet!

Easy to make banderitas! If you don’t have a bandada, try colored construction paper. Attach the flag to a straw or stick and let them march around to some traditional music!








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Updated Virtual Support Teams

Welcome to your second workshop cycle! Your virtual support hours have been updated to reflect teaching times and availability. Whether you work from home every day, are out of town, Read more…

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Social Media And Pictures

We will be uploading more pictures and videos of day-to-day activities. You can find our school’s Facebook Here. We love engagement with the parents and learners. So please make sure to Read more…

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Rising Men

Rising Men The purpose of “Rising Men” is to help our young male learners experience and talk about personal growth, mental health, success and happiness. Come join us on campus Read more…