Pregnant and Parenting: 5 Quick Parenting Tips

Pregnant and Parenting

5 Quick Parenting Tips and Tricks

1. When the baby has gas, try laying the baby on their back and pumping their legs like a bicycle. It works!
2. Test the bath water with your elbow because you get a true sense of the temperature. If it’s too hot on your elbow, it’s too hot for your baby.
3. For a colicky baby, turn on a somewhat loud box fan or have the vacuum running to help soothe them.
4. Tickle your baby’s feet to keep sleepy newborns awake while nursing.
5. If your baby is drooling because they’re teething, stock up on the bibs with the plastic lining on the back. That’s the only thing that will protect their chest from getting chapped from all the drool.



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