Student Support: Spring SAI Schedules!


Learners, please make sure to check your emails! New support schedules have been sent out. All your classes are staying the same. We are simply offering extra support on your asynchronous days.

All learners with an IEP will be offered two small-group sessions and a 30-minute one-to-one appointment each week. These are not optional. They are time to work on your goals and make sure your classes are going the way you envision.

There are also PODs available during your independent study time if you are interested.


Empower Generations join the club

Join a Club at Empower Generations!

Are you bored? Need a new hobby? Want to hang with your pals and favorite facilitators? Pick a club to join and meet us there! Don’t see a club you’re interested in, but want to create one? Contact Mrs. Tori Read more…

Empower Generations It Takes a Village Bingo

Play B-I-N-G-O for Prizes, Empower Generations Families!

At Empower Generations, we believe it takes a village to keep love, hope and, most importantly, FUN in our families, especially during this difficult time we are all experiencing together. Participate with us in playing Bingo! As a family, complete Read more…


Ms. Taylor’s College Corner: FAFSA Deadline

For all seniors applying for FASFA for college, the deadline is March 2. Make sure you fill out your forms so they can help you pay for school. If you need help, do not hesitate to email taylor.anderson@empowergenerations.org.