Advisory: Victory Garden

Empower Generations Victory Garden

This week we are continuing with gardening lessons.

We have some green onions growing, which can be done by cutting off the white ends of the green onions and placing them in water. You can change the water every two days, but keep the water level the same. After about a week, you can plant it in a pot with good soil you can buy from places like Walmart. Water every day or so, and trim when they get long. You get to eat the trimmings!

We also worked on growing sweet potatoes. Suspend the potato over a jar of water with skewers. Change the water every two days, but keep the level the same. After a few weeks, you’ll start to see sprouts. Once they are at least six inches, gently remove them from the potato and plant them in the same type of soil and water every couple of days.



What Is Advisory?

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Empower Generations Technology Checkout

Technology Returns and Summer Extensions

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Empower Generations Basketball

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