Design Challenge #7: Build a Bird Feeder

Empower Generations Design Challenge

The desert is a complex ecosystem full of more life than most people expect! However, with the urbanization of the desert, certain animal populations are growing much more rapidly than others! Animals who feast on trash (such as ravens, possums, and squirrels) are growing quickly, while populations such as coyotes, tortoises, and hawks are dwindling. In this challenge, your task is to build a bird feeder to support the natural bird populations while protecting the food source from devious squirrels. Use traps and obstacles to deter the squirrels!


Empower Generations Technology Checkout

Technology Returns and Summer Extensions

To All Parents/Guardians and Learners: We are at the end of the 2019-2020 school year, and it’s time to return school laptops with the charging cords. We will be collecting laptops on school campus Monday, June 15, through Friday, June Read more…

Empower Generations Basketball

Join Mr. Rob for a Group Workout on Wednesday!

Join Mr. Rob every Wednesday at 10 AM for a full-body at-home group workout. We will be going through a range of motions. We will encourage one another to stay fit in the midst of this pandemic. If you need Read more…


Design Challenge #8: Mad Scientists!

For our final design challenge, I challenge you to design your own experiment about something you have always wanted to learn! Go out and be curious!