Monday Message for April 08, 2019

Upcoming Events


Mark your calendars for these upcoming events. Have questions? Call us at (661) 494-7454 or send an email to

  • Learner Internships (3/1-5/31)
  • Senior Portfolio Preparation (Jan. 7 to May 31)
  • Get Smart Be You Workshop – the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of every month
  • Spring Break – (4/15-4/22)
  • Friday, April 26th: iLEAD Antelope Valley Region Vision in Education Benefit Dinner (click here)

Message from the Director


Dear Learners and Families,

What’s happening at EG?

At EG, we believe that education should be fun. Thanks to Ms. Woods, we were able to have a fun Zumba workshop this week. #Gratitude #SEL

Learners, please reach out on days that you are absent. My direct line is (661) 537-3719.

Sha’Kirim “Sha’Ki” Brown



Important Message about Social Emotional Learning

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5 Ways to Incorporate SEL in High School

Editor’s Note: This is an article by Jill Fletcher, a poet, AVID college readiness teacher, and writer for Edutopia (where this piece originally appeared).

“Social and emotional learning is more than a side curriculum — it should be woven into everyday activities throughout the school day.”

Paper tweets: I used a paper and pencil version of Twitter in class, an exercise in which learners would initially connect with a friend, an acquaintance, and a classmate with whom they rarely spoke. Sometimes, I used this for formative assessment, but it also worked as an SEL break — learners wrote and discussed anything they wanted with their peers. I didn’t read or assess this writing — it was solely for learners.

Check in before you check out exit passes. Last year, I starting using exit tickets daily to ask learners questions like: How are you feeling? What’s new with you? What do you want to share with me? I was surprised by how many learners wrote that they were sad, bored, or upset when they seemed engaged and outwardly happy, but at least asking these questions allowed me to address their emotional needs more quickly and more often.

Group one-pagers: In groups of four to six, learners would create a sheet called a one-pager with their team name, group favorites, such as food and movies (or any other favorites you’d like to ask them about), and a symbol to represent each member of the group. They also listed their favorite meme.

Relationship-building one-pagers: Learners also created one-pagers about one of their peers or an adult on campus. On a piece of white printer paper, they would draw an image of the person and write their name, and then ask three peers for positive quotes about that person. Next, they would draw three funny or meaningful images, and share two inside jokes or memories of the person. Then they would write a thoughtful, made-up definition of the person’s name. Finally, they created a border in writing around the page with three or four adjectives to describe the person.

Learner-led end-of-quarter celebrations: I gave learners the freedom to create class-bonding celebrations. They selected themes, created potluck sign-ups, made invitations, and set up activities like a cupcake-decorating challenge or group craft projects. Some of the most memorable activities were a karaoke party with a strobe light, a fashion runway walk-off using materials like garbage bags and paper bags, a school-wide scavenger hunt, an escape room challenge, and a blindfolded makeup challenge.

Fun Fact: National All Is Ours Day

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National All Is Ours Day is observed each year on April 8th.  The meaning of this day is looked at in different ways.

National All Is Ours Day can be looked at as a time to reflect on all of the beauty of nature and all the wonderful things in life.  All the natural wonders of the world are there for all to enjoy. Become aware of all of the beauty in your surroundings. All of these spectacular gifts we have been given are shared by all.

Another way to view National All Is Ours Day is to appreciate everything we have. Don’t dwell on what we don’t have.  All that we have is a blessing, and our lives are a blessing.

Some people also look at it as a day to share all that you have. The greatest times and the greatest things in life are those that are shared.