Monday message 05.10.2021

Empower Generations learner and facilitator

Upcoming Events

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Thur., 7/4: Independence Day – Office Closed

Tues., 8/13: First Day of 2024-25 School Year

Mon., 9/2: Labor Day

Click here for the school year calendar.

College Fair Empower Generations

Please Join Us at the CAL ALT Virtual College Fair!

You and your friends and family are invited to the CAL ALT virtual fair on May 12 from 6:00-8:00 PM. Please watch the instructional video below to learn how to Read more…

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You Are Not Alone: Mental Health Writing Challenge

Learners, join Ms. Taylor and Ms. Jeanette for a month of expressive writing. Through guided daily prompts, we will learn about ourselves and our mental health as well as connect Read more…

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Ms. Jenna’s Workshop: Budgeting Bonanza!

Ms. Jenna’s “Budgeting a Vacation” workshop is in progress! At this point, learners should have completed three separate Project Pieces. Their project pieces are an opportunity to check their understanding Read more…

Empower Generations learners crafting baby dolls

Ms. Susan’s Workshop: Build-A-Baby Workshop in Full Swing!

We’ve built our babies, and now it’s time to carry them around with us to get an idea of what it’s like to have a real baby! Through this unit, Read more…

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Mr. Isaac’s Workshop: Creating a FAQ Section

After learners have created ads to reach a diverse audience, their customers may have some questions regarding products and services. This is where a section for frequently asked questions (FAQ) Read more…

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