Empower Generations Village Potluck: June 14

Empower Generations learners kitchen

Join us for the EG Village Potluck on June 14 starting at 11 AM.

“Food culture is the connections, beliefs, and experiences a person has with food and the systems that involve food.”

Food is one of the ways culture is carried on through generations. Every family has a recipe or two that they cherish. Family recipes are certain foods that remind us of warm feelings and happy memories with the ones we love. These can be foods our family always makes for celebrations and events and, more often, foods we enjoy eating together all the time. Some family recipes have been passed down for so many generations that we aren’t even sure where they originated. Other family recipes are in their infancy. These are recipes that you try for the first time and they stick.

What is your family’s favorite entrée, appetizer, dessert, or side dish? Let’s celebrate the end of the school year with an EG Family Potluck! Let us share in the food culture of our school community.

Please sign up here and let us know what yummy dish you will be bringing to share!


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