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Ms. Rosiey:

Hello, Families and Learners!

I cannot believe these are the last couple weeks of this school year. What a year! We are so very grateful that we were part of your learner’s education and growth this year. Here are some updates for this week:

  • Re-registration will go out soon. We need any updated information and forms for next school year. You will receive an email notification, and it will take you to the Reg-Online portal.
  • Over summer break, I will be available to meet with families and support registration.
  • The last day of this school year is June 16.
  • Summer school will be July 3-28.
  • Graduation is June 13. Congratulations, graduating seniors!

Mr. Twigg:

It’s the final countdown! Summer is right around the corner, and I hope we’re all excited about having some time off to recharge and refuel. I want you to have an awesome, stress-free summer, so make sure to finish up those last assignments and end this semester with grades you can be proud of!

I’m continuing my open office hours. If you’d like to work on an assignment together, make a to-do list, or simply work in my quiet office area, just ask! We are here to help you, but we won’t do the work for you. Take initiative and take control of your learning journey!

I’ve seen some great work done in the past few weeks. Let’s keep it going and finish strong!

Ms. Marian: Guide:

Oh, Mylanta! It’s almost summer break. Woohoo!

This is not the time to throw in the towel. This is the time to kick it into high gear and turn in whatever you can. Please reach out to me this week, or answer when I reach out to you. I will be working down to the wire to help you complete classes! I am on Zoom, but I can still help. If you normally attend on campus but find yourself working from home one day, check in with me.

Let’s go, Empower learners! I believe in you.

I am working with many learners who either learn from home full-time or are learning from home some days.I am here to help you. My Zoom meeting ID is 882 9053 3901 and the pass code is MsTC. Come get help, and get work submitted with me. There’s no need to be lost or confused. I am here every day to work with you. Remember that completed school work equals attendance. Just being at school does not equal attendance. Showing up equals understanding and knowledge.

Ms. Tanya:

Join us for the EG Village Potluck on June 14 starting at 11 AM.

“Food culture is the connections, beliefs, and experiences a person has with food and the systems that involve food.”

Food is one of the ways culture is carried on through generations. Every family has a recipe or two that they cherish. Family recipes are certain foods that remind us of warm feelings and happy memories with the ones we love. These can be foods our family always makes for celebrations and events and, more often, foods we enjoy eating together all the time. Some family recipes have been passed down for so many generations that we aren’t even sure where they originated. Other family recipes are in their infancy. These are recipes that you try for the first time and they stick.

What is your family’s favorite entrée, appetizer, dessert, or side dish? Let’s celebrate the end of the school year with an EG Family Potluck! Let us share in the food culture of our school community.

Please sign up here and let us know what yummy dish you will be bringing to share!

Ms. Jeanette: Guide:

Happy Monday!

We are down to the wire! Please be sure to complete all your missing assignments. You have had class time, Flipped Time, and MAP week to show your understanding of the content. However, Schoolytics is showing that many people have not been submitting assignments over the last week. If you would like support, please see an on-campus guide or visit Ms. TC’s Zoom. You may continue to build understanding until the last day; you’ve got this!

As a reminder, high school diplomas can be earned only by proving mastery of skills and concepts. A blank assignment does not show mastery and, thus, cannot earn you credit toward your diploma.

If you’d like to review the graduation requirements, please see the table below.

Course 180 Credit Track

(Community College Trade School)

230 Credit Track

(University Military)

English 3 years (30 credits) 4 years (40 credits)
Math 2 years (20 credits) 3 years (30 credits)
Science 2 years (20 credits) 2 years, 3 recommended (30 credits)
History 3 years (30 credits) 3 years (30 credits)
Language 1 year (10 credits) 2 years (20 credits)
Art 1 year (10 credits) 2 years (20 credits)
Health 0.5 tears (5 credits) 1 year (10 credits)
Other Electives 55 credits 50 credits

Mr. Troy: Care Team: I hope everyone took MAP testing week seriously! And I hope you used the time wisely to catch up on missing work!

Summer break is almost here. Only a few weeks left. If you’re looking for things to do over the summer, consider Marie Kerr Park. They have tons of free activities!

Ms. Dani: CTE Guide:

We are currently taking any and all donations for our Empower Generations Salon. We would be happy to accept the following in slightly used and good condition: shampoo and conditioner, hair gel, hairspray, mannequin heads, makeup pallets, makeup brushes, lipstick, lip gloss, skin care products, towels, wall art or decor, hair clips, nail materials, lash materials, barber materials, wigs, gloves, perming and relaxer solutions. Thank you for your support!


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Upcoming Events

Tues., 8/13: First Day of 2024-25 School Year Mon., 9/2: Labor Day Click here for the school year calendar.