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Distance Learning

COVID-19 Communications

Prior to returning to school from Winter Break on Tuesday, January 10, it is recommended that learners and staff take a COVID-19 test. Tests will be available for pick-up at Read more…

Empower Generations Collaborative Project Design

EG Guides Capitalize On Consistent Collaboration, Coaching For Higher Quality Project Design, Learner Success

For practitioners of PBL, the project design process is essential to learner success. With this in mind, the team at Empower Generations – known as guides – have instituted a collaborative Read more…

Pregnant and Parenting

Pregnant and Parenting: 5 Quick Parenting Tips

5 Quick Parenting Tips and Tricks 1. When the baby has gas, try laying the baby on their back and pumping their legs like a bicycle. It works! 2. Test Read more…