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Mrs. Rosiey:

Napolean Hill quoteHello, Families and Learners!

We are looking forward to many end-of-the-year celebrations: pre-prom, prom, grad night, senior dinner, and graduation! It’s hard to believe we are already at this part of the school year. Here are some updates for this week:

  • Graduating seniors: Please be sure to talk with me about your cap and gown if you haven’t yet.
  • Reregistration will go out soon. We need any updated information and forms for next school year. You will receive an email notification, and it will take you to the Reg-Online portal. Do you know someone who wants to enroll with us? We’ll have one more info night on May 24 for incoming learners. RSVP here.
  • Pre-Prom Party and Prom are coming in May!
  • Are you following us on social media yet? We are on Facebook and Instagram.
  • When attending in person, school IDs and computers are mandatory. Please bring them every day.

Mr. Moody:

April is Counseling Awareness Month. School counselors recognize and respond to the need for mental health services that promote social-emotional wellness and development for all learners. School counselors advocate for the mental health needs of all learners by offering instruction that enhances awareness of mental health; appraisal and advice addressing academic, career, and social/emotional development; short-term counseling interventions; and referrals to community resources for long-term support.

Mr. Twigg:

The end is nigh! The end of the school year, I mean, and that means we are officially in grind time. It’s that time of year to take a hard look at your current grades and progress and ask yourself what you need to help you get into work mode. What things can you add to your environment that will make you the most comfortable and ready to take on your work? And as always, if you ever need help with anything, come ask me!

Ms. Marian, Guide:

Earth Day QuoteOn Saturday, we celebrated Earth Day. There are not very many awareness days that the entire world sees as important. Protecting our Earth and maintaining our natural resources are necessary to sustain all life. Earth Day is not the only day we should be aware of how we treat our Earth. We celebrate the Earth every time we conserve water, look out for animal species, recycle, and discover ways to reduce our carbon footprint. Thank you for helping save and celebrate our Earth.

Our 9th graders will begin fitness testing in April and May. Look for details coming soon!

I am working with many learners who either learn from home full-time or are learning from home some days.I am here to help you. My Zoom meeting ID is 882 9053 3901 and the pass code is MsTC. Come get help, and get work submitted with me. There’s no need to be lost or confused. I am here every day to work with you. Remember that completed school work equals attendance. Just being at school does not equal attendance. Showing up equals understanding and knowledge.

Ms. Jeanette, Guide:

Congratulations on Planting the Moon!

As of this week, you have wrapped up the main portion of the project. You should have submitted your final reports and videos. From here out, we will be refining the skills learned in the project and seeing how to apply them to various real-life situations. Your perseverance has paid off!

If you have any missing assignments, be sure to complete them as soon as possible!


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