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Ms. Rosie – Office Manager

Hello Families and Learners!

September 15 marked the beginning of the Hispanic Heritage Month. Every week, I would like to highlight inspiring Latinos/Hispanics. Let’s start with Cesar Chavez, if you have heard the phrase, “Si Se Puede” or “Yes You Can” you have heard of Cesar Chavez. He was a labor leader and Civil Rights Activist. He fought for better pay and living conditions for farm workers.

Here are some updates for this week:

  • Don’t forget we are an Independent Study School, and attendance is based on the work that is submitted.
  • Household Data Collection forms went out with registration, but there were some that were either missing or not accepted by the system. Please look out for these forms and fill them out. These forms are very important and need to be completed.
  • Please remember that IDs are now required to check in and out of school. If you have not taken your picture and received your school ID, please come see.
  • There is no school the week of October 10-14.

My email address is roselia.calderon@empowergenerations.org or by phone (661) 429-3264.

Mr. Moody – Guide

Hey juniors and seniors — the ACT and SAT still matter!

Even as many colleges extend their test-optional admissions policies another year, the ACT and SAT still affect merit-based scholarships, placements, and college admissions. After the pandemic began, a 2020 NACAC (National Association for College Admission Counseling) survey of admissions officials at 221 colleges, more than 82% answered that they gave standardized test scores “considerable or moderate importance” in admissions decisions. More districts and states require at least one standardized test as a graduation requirement or to receive state-sponsored merit scholarships. Test-optional often means that no test score is required for admission. But many test-optional schools financially reward students for ‘college-ready’ ACT/SAT scores.

Mr. Twigg – Education Specialist

Happy Monday, y’all!

By now we should all have our class schedules and Google Classrooms set up and ready to roll. If you are having trouble accessing your Google Classroom or turning in assignments, come find me! I can help get you straight!

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”

Ms. Kim – Guide

Happy Monday learners!

I hope everyone has had a productive two weeks of the project cycle so far. As a reminder if you need help/support on your assignments please remember to reach out to any of your guides in order to best help serve you and help you become more successful. We are logged on to our Zoom during flip time so feel free to log on to receive extra support or answer any questions you may have.

Ms. Marian – Guide

Happy Monday! I am so excited to see so many learners during flipped time. I look forward to what this week will bring after hours. Math is all about practice, it’s not that it’s too hard for, but that we need to work together. There is a group of learners meeting me in Zoom everyday and we are taking our time together. I look forward to seeing more faces during flipped time so we can all achieve great things together! Have a fantastic week.

Ms. Jeanette – Guide

Our Fun Friday activity was awesome! Thank you to everyone who joined Ms. TC and I for some hands-on learning!

Learners met in a combo Zoom/on-campus small group to explore science concepts last Friday. We learned to differentiate between compounds, mixtures, and solutions through creating our very own play-doh from household supplies. Next, learners modeled the parts of a cell, discussed the function of organelles, and compared the structure of plant vs animal cells. It was a fun and collaborative morning!

Let us know what other activities you are interested in and we can plan more science explorations soon!

Ms. Tanya – Guide

Happy Monday, learners! As you are all entering week 3 of your workshops, I want to remind you that you’ve got this! If you have questions or need individual support, I am available either in person or via Zoom from 2:30 – 3:15 Monday through Friday. Have a great week!

Ms. Dani – Care Team

Hey Learners! You are now in the middle of your projects. Keep up the momentum. Don’t fall behind. Ask for help and join flipped time with Mrs. TC. Have a great week everyone!

Ms. Jennifer – EPIC

Happy Third Workshop Week! I hope you had a wonderful weekend. As we progress over the next few weeks, it is vital to take action to improve your ability to learn, recall information and knowledge learned in your workshops, and stay on top of classes, assignments, and projects. That said, use the organization skills learned last week during the workshop, as well as the “Pomodoro Method,” to begin developing good habits when studying or completing tasks and assignments for your classes. Take advantage of those resources in your google classroom. Send me an email or whenever you are on campus, come to me if you have any questions about your homework. Your learning experience is important to me; to all of us. We want you to succeed.

Remember that getting enough sleep improves your academic performance, success, and overall well-being. Parents and learners, please read this article on “Why Healthy Sleep Is Vital For School Success” by Sophia Gardner. It can help increase the importance of sleep and start prioritizing it.

Mr. Troy – Care Team

Friday funday. Let’s get some ideas for what to do on Friday. You can always come find me if you have any suggestions. But remember, to participate in the activities on Friday you need to show progress in your projects. Learned with little to no work turned in will be working on their project first. And I am more than happy to help with your work! Hope everyone had a great weekend.

Mr. Jonathan – Care Team

I love hanging out and talking to you all, but we need to make sure that we finish our work on time. Many of you have been making great progress during flipped time but we need to make sure we help each other out too. Maybe ask one another if we need help. Reach out to any of us during flipped. You are amazing and deserve nothing but the best.

“Look into thyself; there is a source of strength which will always spring up if thou wilt always look.” — Marcus Aurelius


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