Ms. Susan’s Workshop: Getting Ready for POLs!

Empower Generations learners talk and laugh

In Ms. Susan’s workshop, learners have discussed a lot of information about graphs and what some tell us about addictive substances.

Learners also learned how to break down numbers into their prime factors, and all factors. They’ve used the Greatest Common Factor to reduce fractions.

This week, learners are preparing their presentations. They’ll reflect on the physical and emotional effects of addictive drugs as well as the different ways to reduce a fraction.

Presentations of Learning will be February 22-25, and learners may choose to present on math, drugs, or both.


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Messages from Our Team

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EG Minimum Day

Minimum Day: September 28

Please note that Thursday, September 28, is a minimum day. This provides the necessary time for all our learners and families to participate in Individualized Learning Plans (ILPs).

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Individualized Learning Plans: September 28-29

Empower Generations embraces the whole learner, focusing on both social-emotional and academic skills. After our beginning-of-the-year assessments and in lieu of the traditional parent-teacher conference, the learners, facilitators, and parents/guardians Read more…