Rights, Responsibilities, Relationships!

Rights, Responsibilities, Relationships

Our interdisciplinary History projects are in full swing! Learners in multiple grades and cohorts are exploring different lenses of citizenship as they bring lessons from the past into modern times and events.
Ms. Tanya’s Global Citizenship Project is diving into the effects of globalization as well as the new responsibilities that come from a more integrated world. They are incorporating data analysis and understanding of ethical issues as they confront issues that face our world today.
Ms. Kim’s projects, For the People and The Revolution of 2021, are helping learners become change makers as they recognize their rights and responsibilities. Learners are exploring what it means to be proactive as they take charge and become the leaders of tomorrow!
Make sure to reach out via email to either Guide if you need support! These interdisciplinary projects require you to activate your textual analysis skills so let us know if you need support building that ELA knowledge!


Empower Generations messages from our staff

Messages from Our Team

Please see below for messages from our staff to you! Ms. Rosiey: Office Manager: Dear Empower Generations Families and Learners, There is so much change happening around us. Last week Read more…

EG Minimum Day

Minimum Day: September 28

Please note that Thursday, September 28, is a minimum day. This provides the necessary time for all our learners and families to participate in Individualized Learning Plans (ILPs).

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Individualized Learning Plans: September 28-29

Empower Generations embraces the whole learner, focusing on both social-emotional and academic skills. After our beginning-of-the-year assessments and in lieu of the traditional parent-teacher conference, the learners, facilitators, and parents/guardians Read more…