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The Power of Stories 

We are almost to the finish line! As we enter Week 5 of the project, learners can now begin to think about which of the three stories they will focus on in order to create their media/visual representation that tells their story. Learners will have the rest of this week in their workshops to put together their visual media project for the final presentations during Week 6. Please make sure your learner brings all necessary tools and materials they will need to work on their project. I will also provide additional materials for learners to use such as construction paper, crayons, scissors, a limited amount of posters, etc. Let’s finish this project cycle strong!

Clothing For a Cause

Welcome to Week 5 of the first project cycle! You are getting close to the end of the project cycle! At this point in the cycle you should have done the following:

  • Selected a charity to support and determined the percentage of your profits that you will donate.
  • Created design ideas and collected data to determine which design and price is best.
  • Digitized your design and created predictions about how many sales you would need to reach a certain goal.

This week you will begin setting up your storefront, finalizing your choices, and creating your rough draft in order to justify your choices. Thank you!

Time to Level Up!

Last week, learners focused on their video game’s backstory (the prologue) and their cutscenes.  This week, it is time to Level Up!  Learners should have completed their video game storylines, completed their video game submission slides, and will be starting on the pieces that will make their video game design unique.  Learners will have the choice to add artistry to their setting, create a video game box design, create video game character trading cards, and more!

Major Characters

CTE Entrepreneurship 101

Next week we will be focusing on, if you turn your passion into a business, does it have a place in the economy? Also, why entrepreneurship is important to the economy.

The Importance of Entrepreneurship to the Economy

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