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We have begun our next set of workshops for the next 5 weeks:

September 30th-November 8th

Ms. Jeanette

Driving Question: How do we step up to become better stewards of our environment?

Competencies: Scientific Investigation & Persuasion

In this project cycle, learners will be exploring what it means to be stewards of their environment and pushing for change in their communities. We began the cycle by investigating which sorbents are best at cleaning up oil spills and how density plays a role in the process. Learners compared aquatic oil spills to desert spills and began theorizing what threats are greatest to their personal urban ecosystem. As the cycle progresses learners will search for scientific solutions to local problems which strike chords within their hearts and create calls to action for their community.

Mr. Rob

Diagnose Me: What’s Wrong With Kareem?

Driving Question: How can I improve my employment and problem solving skills by studying the path to success in a medical or fitness profession?

Competencies: Authentic Problem Solving, Divergent Thinking, & Scientific Analysis and Investigation

For my second project cycle, the learners will be working on exploring the body system through professional life situations. Learners will then step into a profession that works with the human body, which will give them the opportunity to research and diagnose problems within the human body. We will be targeting Authentic Problem Solving, Divergent Thinking, and Scientific Analysis/Investigation as our competencies. The learners will showcase what they learned by presenting a diagnostic of a chosen human body part, in which I chose. They will then present to a medical board comprised of parents.

Ms. Tanya

Illuminated Journals

Driving Question: How can I increase my writing stamina to find the good within myself?

Competencies: Literary Analysis & Self Expression through Various Mediums

DONATIONS NEEDED!:  8 x 10 canvases, acrylic paints, various size paint brushes.  Thank you!

Over the course of our second project cycle, learners will be working toward increasing their writing stamina through the art of journaling. Writing stamina is the ability to focus and write independently for extended periods of time without becoming distracted or giving up.  Building writing stamina is a foundational piece that lays the groundwork for communicating ideas. Journal writing broadens the bandwidth between learners’ thoughts and their more formal writing. The Illuminated Journals project also links writing with original art. Their “Illuminated Journals” will provide them with the foundation to express themselves through art and create designs to bring their ideas to life. Learners will learn to express themselves through original art sketches, creative “Wreck This Journal” entries, and painting. Our workshop will attend the “LA Painting” exhibit at the Museum of Art and History to create art appreciation journal entries and begin exploring how they can use art for self-expression.

Ms. Jenna

Historical Video Scripts

Driving Question: How can I use research to create a high quality YouTube video that teaches, entertains, and informs?

Competencies: Global Research & Analysis & Generating Meaningful Questions

During this second workshop learners will be working on furthering their research skills.  They will be achieving this by reviewing the content of their sources, watching historical videos to glean information, and learning to determine which information is necessary to answer a historical question as well as to teach the details to someone else.  By the end of this workshop they will have completed their research and review of their historical question and will then have created a script, which they will use as the basis of their video, which will be created and completed by the end of the final workshop.


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