Monday message 02.08.2021


February is the month we celebrate and give roses to past and present Black and African American heroes. This week we are starting with Shirley Chisholm!

Shirley Anita St. Hill Chisholm was the first African American woman in Congress (1968) and the first woman and African American to seek the nomination for president of the United States from one of the two major political parties (1972). She was a cofounder of the National Women's Political Caucus in 1971, and in 1977 she became the first Black woman and second woman ever to serve on the powerful House Rules Committee.

heart confetti Empower Generations

Valentine’s Day Grams

Send your buddy, loved one, or special someone a Valentine gram! Simply click the link on the poster and Cupid Tori will send your gram on February 14!

Empower Generations It Takes a Village Bingo

Play B-I-N-G-O for Prizes, Empower Generations Families!

At Empower Generations, we believe it takes a village to keep love, hope and, most importantly, FUN in our families, especially during this difficult time we are all experiencing together. Participate with us in playing Bingo! As a family, complete Read more…

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College Corner: College Expo & Scholarship Opportunities

Virtual California Black College Expo – February 19-20, 2021 The Virtual California Black College Expo is a two-day ONLINE experience for you to access colleges highlighting HBCUs (historically black colleges and universities) and other educational programs. Click here for more information on Read more…

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Ms. Dani’s Advisory Shoutout!

Ms. Dani’s Advisory learners are required to search for a TED Talk to be presented on Tuesdays. Shoutout to Briana Ramirez, whose recent TED Talk selection focused on anxiety and how teens experience being anxious. This TED Talk resulted in Read more…

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Do You Need Help with Laptops or Hotspots?

Laptops and hotspots are issued by Ms. Dani. If you are having problems with your laptop or are in need of a hotspot, please send an email to Please explain the issue with your laptop for an exchange of Read more…

woman at desk with laptop doing her makeup

The Makeup Artists Club

The Makeup Artists Club started Friday and continues Fridays at noon to 1 PM at Ms. Dani’s Advisory Zoom link. Explore creativity through makeup, and learn tips and tricks. Create Halloween makeup looks, learn eyebrow waxing and threading. watch and Read more…

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Ms. Jenna’s Workshop: How Does Medicine Tie into Our Health?

This week Ms. Jenna’s learners will be finishing up workshops on health and pandemics through the years. The learners have spent a lot of time learning about changes in medicine in history and how epidemics and pandemics affect society at Read more…

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Creativity Corner!

“Creativity is intelligence having fun” —Albert Einstein We love to see your minds at work and having fun! Creativity Corner is a place to showcase some of your own ideas and activities. If you want to share some of your Read more…

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Art Club with Ms. Jeanette: Creation for Destruction!

Art Club is going to start a new series of projects called “Creation for Destruction!” This series of activities will explore creating just to create! The works we create will not necessarily be to show off because we are going Read more…

Empower Generations nature journal nature art by learners

Ms. Tanya’s Workshop: Discovery Diaries

Over the past two weeks, Ms. Tanya’s learners have been diving into their Discovery Diaries projects. The driving question for the project is “How can I use nature journaling to record my observations of nature, analyze my observations, and inspire Read more…

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Mr. Isaac’s Workshop: Authors and Illustrators Work on Their Bilingual Books

This week Mr. Isaac’s learner pairs are working on their books. Learners have been building up their writing and world language skills. Now they will use them to create a book with a theme of their choosing.

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New Empower Generations Facilitator Reflects on Project-Based Learning

By Michael Niehoff Education Content Coordinator at iLEAD Schools Educators who are motivated to improve their instructional skills embark on a lifelong journey of hard work and reflection. At Empower Generations, facilitator Susan Miller is modeling this journey as she Read more…

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